OQ Technology Featured in LUXEMBURGER WORT Newspaper

OQ Technology is featured in the nation-wide and largest newspaper in the country “Luxemburger Wort” . OQ Technology was exclusively interviewed by Luxemburger Wort newspaper to talk about the company’s disruptive Satellite Internet-of-Things technology and the its activities in the Middle East, Below is an extract from Wort’s article:

“Omar Qaise, Chief Executive at OQ Technology, was one of the 70 business leaders who formed part of the multi-sector trade delegation.

During the visit, Qaise unveiled ‘thunderBox’ at the GITEX Technology exhibition, a ‘plug-and-play’ product being designed and developed by his Wasserbillig-based company in collaboration with the European Space Agency and the Luxembourg government.

Attached to any machine or device that generates data – for example, a GPS tracker or a sensor – it can relay data back to a business.

It works like a mini wifi router that connects through small satellites controlled by OQ Technology and is aimed primarily at the oil and gas industry with pipelines in the desert or offshore rigs at sea, as well as the maritime industry for container or ship tracking.

“Wifi is normally limited to small spaces,” said Qaise. “But we have invented our own wireless technology that can go hundreds of kilometres to reach our satellites without depleting the battery the way an ordinary mobile might. It can also survive in harsh environments like the desert or the sea.”

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