Telecom Systems Architect

OQ Technology Sarl is looking for a candidate for a Senior Telecommunication Systems Architect role to assume a leading role in a multi-disciplinary team at its facility in Luxembourg to actively lead the technical development activities of designing a global satellite constellation for Internet-of-Things communication and participate in building and launching our first satellite.

We are working on building the cutting-edge end-to-end prototype & trial systems for satellite and ground networks. These will be used not only to prove out new technology ideas and features but also to provide a platform for early demonstrations with top tier customers around the world. We are looking for a self-starter and motivated individual who wants to take his/her technical and managerial experience to the next level. Someone who likes to combine practical hands-on work with new algorithmic approaches and fast development. You will be contributing to the latest ideas and developments in the wireless technology and working with world leading experts to shape the future of wireless communication.

Luxembourg (Flexible)

Start Date
1-2 months

Full Time – Permanent Employment or Consultant

You will be the Principal System Architect for the wireless telecommunication system working on system architecture aspects of the baseband and protocol layers and will be responsible for all the technical development activities of OQ Technology’s payload and user terminals. You will also work closely with external partners and assume a technical leading role in the team. Below is a summary of the typical tasks required for this post:

 Design and implement (hands-on) features on the physical telecommunication software stack including digital part and baseband processing part.
 Design modem system (including but not limited to link level, physical layer performance) based on wireless and product requirements and set system performance targets for wireless subsystems.
 Design and implementation of transceiver digital baseband processing from RF phase up to the final detection.
 Implementation of the digital algorithms using C/C++, MATLAB, or VHDL.
 Manage the development of the full telecommunication software stack.
 Interface with suppliers to ensure consistency of telecom solution architecture with modem system requirements, such as RF performance, system control architecture, HW /SW interface architectures and long-term technology roadmaps.
 Develop system performance models and drive cross functional system engineering tasks related to the system performance optimization.
 Assume a leading role of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers with a wide range of skill sets including but not limited to: software development, firmware development, hardware development, data analysis, and RF design
 Prepare the management and technical documentation for project reviews.
 Lead technical discussions with external suppliers and contracting companies.

 M.Sc./Ph.D. in Electronics/Electrical/Telecommunications Engineering or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution
 10+ years of multi-disciplinary experience in wireless R&D, hardware-software co-development focused on the PHY layer of radio technologies, baseband digital communications engineering, algorithm and protocol development and RF engineering for transceivers, physical layer modeling, simulations, and design.
 Demonstrated background in physical layer systems engineering including requirements analysis and algorithm modeling.
 Proven technical leadership and management qualities for extensive R&D in the industry for a period of 5+years
 Experience and contributions in one or more of the telecommunications standards.
 Proven knowledge and experiences in management and development of receiver digital part FPGA prototyping, DSP algorithms, Software Defined Radios, Baseband engineering, RF Engineering activities and software stack development
 Relevant technical publications in the forms of patents and/or technical journals with international publication bodies.
 Experience in writing and managing technical documentations and reports
 Ability to adapt to change in an entrepreneurial environment.
 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
 Ability to work autonomously as well as part of a team.
 Proficiency in spoken and written English.
 EU citizenship or residence permit or living in Europe with a legal status (sponsorship possible).

OQ Technology is an innovative company and a front runner in the global race of building a global satellite constellation for Internet-of-Things communication. We work closely with the European Space Agency, government institutes, and our global customers. At our company you will have a great opportunity to overtake large responsibility to build and innovate from scratch. You will be at the centre of decision making and will interface directly with industry and business professionals all around the world, an opportunity which is rarely offered in traditional corporates.
Thanks to low income tax benefits in Luxembourg, we offer a very attractive and competitive compensation package for individuals and families, with flexible working hours. Luxembourg represents an attractive place for expats with a diverse international atmosphere.
Due to flexible EU regulations, many expats live in France/Germany and can still be employed by Luxembourg (border-crossing).
We offer a great opportunity for you to grow and develop and make your dreams come true. If you are looking for a challenge and looking for being part of new technology innovation in the world of satellite telecommunications, OQ Technology is the right place to be.

Please send your CV and any other documents supporting your application to: