Internship – Spacecraft System Engineer

OQ Technology is offering an internship opportunity in Spacecraft System Engineering at its facility in Luxembourg.




6 months

Start Date:


Targeted Group:

Aerospace Engineering Master students who wish to perform their study internship

Aerospace Engineering Master students who wish to complete their Master project/thesis at an external company

Aerospace Engineering PhD students who wish to take an external industrial project training


During your placement at OQ Technology Sarl, you will be the main architect and project responsible of the space segment. You will work closely with the telecommunication engineers for designing a satellite mission.

Below is a summary of the typical tasks required for this post:

  • Produce technical requirements out of the customer requirements and identify the parameters associated with each requirement. These parameters will be part of the system design.
  • Elaborate the Mission Statement in terms of identification and characterization of the mission needs, expected performance, dependability and safety goals and mission operating constraints with respect to the physical and operational environment and develop the first issue of the functional specifications.
  • Derive the requirements for the subsystems.
  • Analyze the user requirements to extract the correct design concept of the mission and its components, assigning the different mission and segments specifications and parameters with the design-driven values.
  • Perform detailed mission analysis to define the orbits and trajectories.
  • Investigation regarding the launch possibilities.
  • Confirm compliancy to regulations, perform mission analysis, produce subsystems budgets and specifications.
  • Define subsystems specifications and basic design
  • Produce system budgets (link budget, mass budget .. etc.)


M.Sc or Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering


Mandatory Knowledge: Working experience with Cubesats and/or small satellites (system engineering and AIT) during your previous work or university studies

Knowledge in these fields is advantageous: Systems Engineering, Spacecraft Orbital Mechanics, Mission Analysis, STK, MATLAB, Guidance – Navigation – and Control Systems, SysML, C++ or Python.


CVs should be sent to: