In addition to building up the IoT network, OQ TECHNOLOGY is developing a smart software to optimize the traffic and network capacity. We also offer engineering design and consultancy services.


The project aims to create a set of agile software tools implementing in their core Artificial Intelligence techniques and standards that support engineers in integral product design or complex processes by creating a modular framework. The software main objective is to be used to manage the IoT networks.  It can monitor and learn customer network behaviours and assist in optimizing the connectivity to remote sites by adjusting the  network parameters automatically and without human intervention. Using this tool customers can save up to 70% of the time and cost needed to develop conventional network optimization techniques. Interested in this product? Talk to us. We would be very happy to support you.

Other Services


Other Services

OQ TECHNOLOGY supports customers’ hi-tec and telecommunication projects at all stages, from requirements, initial studies, engineering processes, procurement and management tasks, operations through to the end of the project with archiving and lessons learnt. During project establishment phases, we have the experience to support requirements capture, analysis, identification of key drivers, operations concept definition, cost estimation and specification of statements of work, and writing commercial bids and proposals. OQ TECHNOLOGY can also provide monitoring of industrial contracts for clients.